Mother Mountain Tea House & Restaurant

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Dine Alberta

We specialize in delectable home desserts, superb coffee and teas, hearty soups, fresh baked breads, sandwiches, salads, delicious meals and our Sunday Brunch.
Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 A.M. to 8 P.M..
Our Friday Night specialty is Texas Style Baby Back Ribs, the best
you' ve ever tasted! Saturday Chef's Special always a surprise and on Sunday, drop in for our Sunday Brunch with such specialties as Egg Neptune or Egg Benedict served from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. and for Supper, dine on succulent Alberta AAA Roast Beef, or order from our full menu, and of course, we're fully Licenced.
We spent two and a half years restoring this historical and unique Crown Lumber Building to its former glory, and we are sure you will love what we have created with our antique furniture, sunny windows, and gleaming fir wood floors. Re-live the past in our wonderful environment as you enjoy our exquisite home made meals and desserts. During the summer months you can enjoy your experience in our outdoor seating and gaze upon the beautiful Hand Hills to the south where the namesake of Mother Mountain Tea House was born.
Delia is the gateway to the scenic Hand Hills, the second highest northerly elevation in all of Canada between the Rocky Mountains and Labrador. We call this natural attraction, the "Roof of the Prairies". This is a spectacular view throughout the hills observing Mother Nature at her best. The Hand Hills are a prominent landform rising about 200 m above the surrounding plains, reaching an elevation of about 1070 m (3536ft) above sea level. Take secondary road 576 to 851 coming from Drumheller and take in the spectacular scenery through the Hand Hills as you enter into Delia.
We have enjoyed many different experiences in Delia such as the filming of Knockaround Guys and being the host restaurant for the 1999 Western Premier's Conference, as well as hosting many interesting people from around the world. We would love to make your visit with us one of the most memorable as well.
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